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Sample Grade 5 French Science Lesson

My ultimate goal when creating science lessons is to keep them hands-on and engaging for students while making easy-to-follow lesson plans and low-prep (as much as possible) for teachers. Here is an example of a lesson found in my Grade 5 French Conservation of Energy and Resources Science Unit:

Please note that the downloadable lesson is at the bottom of this post!

Step 1: I like to start this unit with a shared reading on energy. You can either read it as a whole class or alone. I usually read it as a whole class on the first day, and continue working on it throughout the week. On the second day, they circle 3 words they don’t know and we review their meaning, using hints from the text. We then pick words for our word wall on day 4. On the final day, they answer the questions and we correct them as a whole class (see instruction sheet).

Step 2: Watch the short video on energy with students.

Step 3: Place students in groups with a picture. They can then write “what they know, what they see, what they wonder, and what they want to know” about their picture.

Step 4: Have a group discussion about each picture, and what they filled out. I like to let each group go up and share, while I write information on a chart paper. Questions to explore: What is energy? Is energy something that was invented?

There you have it! An example of my French Sample Grade 5 Science Lesson Plans. Download the sample lesson by clicking below:

French Grade 5 Sample Science Lesson
Download PDF • 18.03MB

Want the full unit? Check it out!

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Talk soon!

Brigitte - Missfrenchimmersion

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