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Sample Grade 6 French Science Lesson

Updated: Apr 6

My ultimate goal when creating science lessons is to keep them hands-on and engaging for students while making easy-to-follow lesson plans and low-prep (as much as possible) for teachers. Here is an example of a lesson found in my Grade 6 French Space Science Unit:

French Grade 6 Space Unit

Please note that the downloadable lesson is at the bottom of this post!

Step 1: Start by reading the text on telescopes.

French Grade 6 Science Lessons

Step 2: Watch the following video that was taken thanks to a telescope. Have a discussion about black holes with students. What do they know about them? What do they think? Are they afraid of them?

Step 3: Read the text about our Planet's Moon! Then, watch the videos to learn more about the moon.

French Moon Lessons for Students

Step 4: Have students complete the Moon Phase Experiment using Oreos (instructions are in the downloadable lesson below)

All About Moon Phases - Oreo Moon Phases

Step 5: Have students finish off by completing the Moon Phase Worksheet!

Moon Phases Worksheet for French Students

There you have it! An example of my French Sample Grade 6 Science Lesson Plans. Download the sample lesson by clicking below:

French Grade 6 Sample Science Lesson Plan
Download PDF • 16.73MB

Want the full unit? Check it out!

Want to see other sample lesson plans?

Check out my French Immersion Sample Lesson Plan for Grades 4-6 and French Grade 4 Sample Science Lesson Plan.

Talk soon!

Brigitte - Missfrenchimmersion

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