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September Week 1 Day 4

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Finally, that sweet sweet Friday of the first week! Routines should now be starting to form quite nicely, but remember to keep on top of it so that the rest of the year can run smoothly. Starting next week, curriculum expectations will be introduced into my lesson plans.

Please note, if you want ALL my lesson plans, with resources, you can subscribe for $40 per month. Each daily lesson will range from $3-$5 so you will be saving minimum $20 each month by subscribing. Not too bad considering your entire day is ready to go for you!

*The material will be focused on Grade 6 curriculum, but I will be working on other grade levels as well (once I get my feet off the ground).

8:45-9:15 Homework/Silent Reading/Question of the Day Objective: Make sure to remind students to do the following three things as they enter: Homework, Question of the Day & Silent Reading.

Question (on white board) : How do you feel after the first week of school?

Once again, you are observing and establishing those routines.

Once everyone has arrived and completed their morning tasks, I get them to come to the carpet. We do our morning announcements and then review the question of the day. Usually my focus is on writing complete sentences with punctuation & capital letters. They need these reminders. I read their answers, allowing them to share if they wrote it (of course if they want to share) and we have a fun discussion about their answers, all while reviewing their sentences.

9:15-9:45 Listening/Writing

Objective: Get to know your students

Now that you have known your class for an entire week, it's time to give them the opportunity to open up to you. I always share something personal about myself with my class. I talk about past life experience that has really impacted me. I open up to them and tell them about my emotions. I then explain to them that throughout the year, I am someone that they can confide in. I want them to trust me. After all, students can't learn unless they feel safe. I explain to them that I will hand them a sheet of paper and they can write to me: "I wish my teacher knew...". Now, they may not have anything to write, and that's ok. I tell them they can keep it simple, like "...that I like hockey." or they can share something they want me to know about them. I also leave it up to them if they want to write their names or be anonymous. It's not about knowing which student is going through what, but more so about knowing what is actually going on in their lives, and keeping that in account when teaching throughout the year.

9:45-10:45 Reading

Objective: Gauge where your students reading levels are with an individual reading task.

Explain to students that today, they will read a text on their own and then answer the questions as best as they can. Explain that this is not an evaluation, but simply a way to see where they are at with their reading. It is a difficult text, and you'll notice a lot of them probably won't be able to answer questions in complete sentences, and that's ok. It gives you a really good idea on where to start with students.

10:45-11:25 Nutrition Break & Recess

Before break, review rules with your class

During lunch expectations are: no throwing food, wrappers in the garbage, keep the classroom clean, you can chat quietly

Indoor Recess rules: what can they use and not use?

11:25-11:55 Free Time Friday

Objective: Time to catch up on missed work

Each Friday, students have the last half hour to catch up on work that they missed or have not yet finished. The other students can spend this time doing activities of their choice, as long as they speak French. I usually list out what I allow from them such as board games, dry erase games, reading, on occasion Chromebook games, coding, etc. Just make sure that you are very clear with what they can and can't do during free time.

How do I keep track of who has work to be done? I have a written list on my white board of things that have not yet been handed in or completed. Students know that to get their free time, they must complete the tasks. You'll notice that some students start to bring their work home so that they can enjoy free time Friday's instead of completing it at school (which is fine with me).

11:55 Start over with your new group

Want the full fourth day of school at your fingertips?

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