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September Week 2 Day 3

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

8:45-9:15 Homework/Silent Reading/Question of the Day Objective: Homework, Question of the Day & Silent Reading

Question (on white board) : Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly? Elaborate.

Once everyone has arrived and completed their morning tasks, I get them to come to the carpet. We do our morning announcements and then review the question of the day. Usually my focus is on writing complete sentences with punctuation & capital letters. They need these reminders. I read their answers, allowing them to share if they wrote it (of course if they want to share) and we have a fun discussion about their answers, all while reviewing their sentences.


10:45-11:25 Nutrition Break & Recess

Students should now know the rules of nutrition break, feel free to see how they do without repeating yourself. If they have a hard time, review rules tomorrow.

11:25-11:55 Bullying/Writing

Writing Expectations:

D1.1 Identifying Purpose and Audience: determine, with support from the teacher, their purpose for writing and the audience for French texts they plan to create

D1.2 Writing in a Variety of Forms: write a variety of French texts to convey information, ideas, and opinions about familiar, personally relevant, and academic topics, following models appropriate to the purpose and incorporating some elements of each form

D2.1 Generating, Developing, and Organizing Ideas: generate, develop, focus, and organize ideas for writing, using a variety of strategies and print, electronic, and other resources, as appropriate

D2.2 Drafting and Revising: plan and produce drafts, following established criteria, and revise their writing to improve its content, clarity, and interest, using a variety of strategies

D2.3 Producing Finished Work: edit, proofread, and publish a variety of written pieces, following a model or a set of guidelines to meet established, with support as appropriate

Today, students will reread and complete their poem on bullying. They will rewrite their poems on their good copy.

11:55 Start over with your new group

Want Week 2 Day 3 Activities?

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