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September Week 1 Day 3

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Here we are, midway through week 1! You've got this. Please note that you will see my first "prep" time today. You will obviously need to adapt this with your schedule. I thought about not adding any prep at all for these lessons, but then realized you'd get far behind from getting prep and not being able to do all of my lessons.

8:45-9:15 Homework/Silent Reading/Question of the Day Objective: Make sure to remind students to do the following three things as they enter: Homework, Question of the Day & Silent Reading.

Question (on white board) : What do you want to learn about this year?

Once again, you are observing and establishing those routines.

Once everyone has arrived and completed their morning tasks, I get them to come to the carpet. We do our morning announcements and then review the question of the day. Usually my focus is on writing complete sentences with punctuation & capital letters. They need these reminders. I read their answers, allowing them to share if they wrote it (of course if they want to share) and we have a fun discussion about their answers, all while reviewing their sentences.

9:15-10:15 Visual Arts

Objective: If you started this yesterday, students will finish it today. It's then a good idea for it to go on display! Students will write and then draw things that they can't imagine their life without. This makes up my display for the beginning of the year. Again, a good diagnostic assessment on what's important to students.

10:15-10:45 Music

Objective: Students will head to the music room with the music teacher.

10:45-11:25 Nutrition Break & Recess

Before break, review rules with your class

During lunch expectations are: no throwing food, wrappers in the garbage, keep the classroom clean, you can chat quietly

Indoor Recess rules: what can they use and not use?

11:25-11:55 Intimidation/Speaking/Listening

Objective: I want to teach kids what happens when someone is bullied. I often start off my year with bullying to set the tone for the rest of the year. For this activity you will need 2 beautiful apples and a knife (keep the knife away from the kids, obviously!). Have students sit in a large circle. Have them examine the two apples, what do they notice? Next, explain to the students that they will compliment the first apple as it goes around the circle. They will say things like: "You are so beautiful and red", "You smell delicious", etc. Once everyone has had a turn to compliment the apple, place it in front of you in the circle. Next up, you will send the second apple around the circle, but instead, students will say bad things about the apple: "I hate the way you taste", etc., and they will gently hit the apple on the ground (not too hard, or it will break). Once the apple has made its way around again, hold the two apples for the students. They should look pretty much the same from far. Ask the students what they think? Then, cut open both apples. The inside of the complimented apple looks great, like a perfect apple, whereas the inside of the apple that was "bullied", is all bruised up. Ask them what the moral here is? What could this mean? If we think about what we say to people, if we are hurting them, is it possible that you can't even tell? Just because someone looks ok, doesn't mean that they are. The inside of the "rotten" apple describes our emotions if we are bullied. I like to reiterate that my #1 thing is for students to have respect towards each other, myself and our classroom. I respect them and so in return, I expect the same. Remember, there is a difference between respect and fear.

11:55 Start over with your new group

Want the full third day of school at your fingertips?

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