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This is a free sample lesson from my French Grade 6 Social Studies: Canada's Interaction with the Global Community Unit. 


The full unit covers the entire Grade 6 Social Studies Global Communities curriculum. Find everything you need to teach "Le Canada dans la communauté mondiale" (specifically from the Ontario Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum) with the full unit. Students will love learning all about Canada's Interactions with the Global Community through these activities. Whether it be by making mini booklets, partaking in a classroom trade activity, getting to take part in a Classroom Race, or with their individual inquiry, every student will find something they love.


Here's a snapshot of the full unit:

- 25 days of Simple, easy-to-follow day plans

- 3 Mini Booklets: Trade Agreements, Military Alliances & Environmental Accords

- 2 Hands-On Activities- KWL Chart- 5 Shared Readings with Instructions + some Q&A

- 1 Classroom Transformation (Classroom Race/Scavenger Hunt)

- 1 Class Inquiry

- 1 Individual Project (Inquiry) with Day by Day Directions

- Mapping Activities

- Videos

- & Much More


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Permission to copy for single classroom use only.


FREEBIE: French Grade 6 Social Studies: Global Communities

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