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Make procedural writing fun with this engaging activity! This unit includes 10 days of procedural text including: visual arts, listening, speaking, reading & writing!


Lead your students to write a procedural text with the end goal of having others draw a picture. Not only will your students be having fun while learning, but you will get some fabulous writing pieces as proof of their enjoyment during these lessons.


Here's what you'll get in detail:

- Simple, easy to follow day plans

- Visual Arts: Draw a picture (I like to relate it to a Holiday like Halloween)

- Writing: Procedural Text Model Class Activity

- Writing: Procedural Text Expectations Class Activity

- Expectations Provided to help guide you

- Writing: Procedural Text Rough Draft with Organizers

- Writing: Revision with a partner

- Mini Revision Charts

- Writing: Produce Finished Work

- Real Student Examples

- Reading: Recreate someone's drawing


Your students will love having their friends try to recreate their images. Will they be able to get a replica? Or are there directions not clear enough? You will love watching your students enjoy writing!


More specifically:

This is a 10 day unit with easy to follow day plans.

French Writing Unit Procedural Text - Écriture Marche à suivre

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