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Meet Brigitte

I'm Brigitte - a wife, mom, and lover of French Immersion Resources! After graduating college, I started teaching 2nd grade and I really had no idea what I was doing (those intense lesson plans they teach you to do in teacher's college don't exactly help, do they?). From there, I headed to kindergarten and then moved on to Grades 4 and 6 - where I really found my groove!


I absolutely love creating resources for French Immersion teachers, with the ultimate goal of MAKING LEARNING FUN for students.


However, I do have a life outside of resource creation. I have been married to my husband Ryan for 6 years, and have a 2-year-old son (Toby) and a small dog named Pouf. As a family, we absolutely love to travel (with our dirt bikes) and spend a lot of time outside, relaxing and exploring on our property. Personally, I love to read and shop (mostly for my son).

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The start

In 2018, I was teaching Kindergarten (which is just not for me), and I found myself longing to be with older students. That's when I started my Blog and TPT shop.

I felt like I could stay connected to what I love doing by creating resources for teachers in those grade levels. I also remembered always finding great English resources and felt like I was spending hours on end trying to translate them.


My goal was to make amazing, engaging, and hands-on lessons for students all while making French Immersion teachers' lives a little bit easier (and affordable!). The ultimate goal of my lesson plans is always the following: Make Learning Fun!

Here's the thing

I want to make your life easier, while keeping your students engaged!

Want to test out some lessons?

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