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Camping Day Classroom Transformation

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Ok, so today is Harry Potter and Camping Day!

Camping day is high on my list of favourite things to do with my class. They absolutely love camping out for the day - and it makes for such a calm environment! I will share what I used to decorate. It's mostly a "relaxed" classroom transformation obviously with a movie!

Decor&Set up

I started by moving all the desks around the classroom.

The teepee is something I had in another classroom, so I just reused it, but you can do a tent too. Any kind of "fort" like thing, is great!

I bought three mini fires - which can stand alone, become torches, or be hung up which I thought was really cool and placed them in a circle. In the middle of my fires, I added my starry nightlight to make an outdoor sky effect! I also bought a log pillow (which I thought would be bigger), which I now keep in class!

Click the links below for access to my purchases!

Amazon - Fire (I purchased 3)

If you don't want to purchase anything, you don't have to. I made my first-ever fire! I collected paper rolls, grabbed orange, red, and yellow tissue paper, and voilà! I place different sheets in the rolls and taped all the rolls together. I then collected some rocks and put them around the fire. It wasn't super sturdy but the kids loved it anyway!

When the students come in, we talk about the rules. They can have snacks, be near their friends, and set up their sleeping bags, but they are watching and paying attention to the movie.

I usually bring stuff to make smores for after the nutrition break, and then we start over with the second group.

If you aren't sure where to get the French Harry Potter, I believe there is an option on Netflix to make it French, but I purchased my version on Cineplex!

Have fun!

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