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Step-by-Step Phases of the Moon Lesson Plan for Elementary Students

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Moon Phases Activity PDF

Teaching elementary students about the phases of the moon can be an exciting and interactive experience. This step-by-step lesson plan will guide you through engaging activities and visual aids to help your students understand and remember the different phases of the moon. Get ready to inspire curiosity and foster a love for learning about the wonders of our universe.

Please note that the downloadable lesson is at the bottom of this post!

Step 1: Start by reading the text on telescopes.

French Grade 6 Science Lessons

Step 2: Watch the following video that was taken thanks to a telescope. Have a discussion about black holes with students. What do they know about them? What do they think? Are they afraid of them?

Step 3: Read the text about our Planet's Moon! Then, watch the videos to learn more about the moon.

French Moon Lessons for Students

Step 4: Have students complete the Moon Phase Experiment using Oreos (instructions are in the downloadable lesson below).

All About Moon Phases - Oreo Moon Phases

Step 5: Have students finish off by completing the Moon Phase Worksheet!

Moon Phases Worksheet for French Students

Here is your Free Content on French Grade 6 Moon Phases Lesson Plans - PDFs

Day 12 - The Moon

•Telescopes – Shared Reading

•Telescopes – Videos

•Texts: The Moon

•Videos: The Moon & Phases of the Moon

•Experiments: Phases of the Moon

•Worksheet: Phases of the Moon

•Lab Report Sheet

Download Here:

French Grade 6 Sample Science Lesson Plan (3)
Download PDF • 16.75MB

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•Title Page

•Roberta Bondar Shared Reading

•Roberta Bondar Questions & Answers

•Roberta Bondar Video

•What I know, What I wonder, What I want to know Activity

•The Solar System – Shared Reading

•The Solar System – Questions & Answers

•Texts– Mercury & Venus

•Experiments: Mercury & Venus

•Videos&Images: Mercury & Venus

•Lab Report Sheet

•Planets Flip Book

•Earth Day - Shared Reading

•Earth Day - Questions & Answers

•Texts - Earth & Mars

•Experiments: Earth & Mars

•Videos, Websites & Virtual Field Trips: Earth & Mars

•Lab Report Sheet

•Planets Flip Book

•Marc Garneau – Shared Reading

•Marc Garneau – Video

•Marc Garneau – Questions & Answers

•Texts– Jupiter & Saturn

•Experiments: Jupiter & Saturn

•Videos&Images: Jupiter and Saturn

•Lab Report Sheet

•Planets Flip Book

•Les Astronomes – Shared Reading

•Les Astronomes – Videos

•Texts– Uranus & Neptune

•Experiments: Uranus & Neptune

•Videos&Images: Uranus and Neptune

•Lab Report Sheet

•Planets Flip Book

*Day 11 - The Sun Members Only

•Chris Hadfield – Shared Reading

•Chris Hadfield – Videos

•Chris Hadfield – Questions

•Texts: Sun

•Experiments: Sun Dial (with video)

•Videos&Images: Sun

•Lab Report Sheet

•Solar System: Project

•Solar System: Project Rubric

*Day 12 - The Moon FREE (Download Lesson Above)

•Telescopes – Shared Reading

•Telescopes – Videos

•Texts: The Moon

•Videos: The Moon & Phases of the Moon

•Experiments: Phases of the Moon

•Worksheet: Phases of the Moon

•Lab Report Sheet

•The Benefits of Space Exploration – Shared Reading

•The Benefits of Space Exploration – Questions & Answers

•The Benefits of Space Exploration – Images

•Texts: Comets and Asteroids

•Videos: Comets and Asteroids

•The Costs of Space Exploration – Shared Reading

•The Costs of Space Exploration – Questions

•Text: Meteoroids

•Videos: Meteoroids

•Project: Life in space (slideshow) with expectations and rubric

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Moon Phase Activity Middle School

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