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Sample Grade 4 French Science Lesson

Updated: Apr 6

My ultimate goal when creating science lessons is to keep them hands-on and engaging for students while making easy-to-follow lesson plans and low-prep (as much as possible) for teachers. Here is an example of a lesson found in my Grade 4 French Rocks and Minerals Science Unit:

Engaging Grade 4 Science Activities & Experiments

Please note that the downloadable lesson is at the bottom of this post!

Step 1: We are starting our rock exploration. Start with the shared reading about rocks. You can follow the shared reading weekly plans as usual (find it in the downloadable file).

French Rocks and Minerals Science Unit

Step 2: Move onto Sedimentary Rocks Rocks. Read the information on sedimentary rocks.

All about Sedimentary Rocks

Step 3: Do the food experiment on sedimentary rocks as seen below:

French Rock Food Experiments

Step 4: Students will continue their types of rocks booklet. They will copy the information from the sedimentary rock sheet (whatever is underlined). I have added booklet pages that have been filled in for absent students or students that may need some assistance with scribing.

French Rock Unit

Step 5: Allow students to sort through the rock pictures and glue them in their mini booklets with the right rock type.

Engaging Science Activities, Rock Sorting in French

There you have it! An example of my French Sample Grade 4 Science Lesson Plans. Download the sample lesson by clicking below:

French Grade 4 Sample Science Lesson Plan
Download PDF • 17.08MB

Want the full unit? Check it out!

Check out my French Immersion Sample Writing Lesson Plan (4-6) and French Grade 6 Sample Science Lesson Plan.

Talk soon!

Brigitte - Missfrenchimmersion

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