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Hands-On Sedimentary Rocks Science Experiment: How to Make Your Own

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Sedimentary Rocks Science Experiment

Are you curious about how sedimentary rocks are formed? With this hands-on science experiment, you can learn all about the fascinating process of sedimentation and create your very own sedimentary food rocks. Get ready to dive into the world of geology and uncover the secrets of these unique rock formations.

Please note that the downloadable lesson is at the bottom of this post!

Step 1: We are starting our rock exploration. Start with the shared reading about rocks. You can follow the shared reading weekly plans as usual (find it in the downloadable file).

French Rocks and Minerals Science Unit

Step 2: Move onto Sedimentary Rocks Rocks. Read the information on sedimentary rocks.

All about Sedimentary Rocks

Step 3: Do the food experiment on sedimentary rocks as seen below:

French Rock Food Experiments

Step 4: Students will continue their types of rocks booklet. They will copy the information from the sedimentary rock sheet (whatever is underlined). I have added booklet pages that have been filled in for absent students or students that may need some assistance with scribing.

French Rock Unit

Step 5: Allow students to sort through the rock pictures and glue them in their mini booklets with the right rock type.

Engaging Science Activities, Rock Sorting in French

Here is your Free Content on French Rocks & Minerals Sedimentary Rocks Lesson Plans - PDFs

*Day 9-12

- Rocks Shared Reading (Included in download)

- Rocks Question & Answers (Included in download)

- Igneous Rocks Information Sheet (Members only)

- Igneous Rock Food Experiment (Members only)

- Types of Rocks Booklet (Included in download)

- Sedimentary Rocks Information Sheet (Included in download)

- Sedimentary Rock Food Experiment (Included in download)

- Types of Rocks Booklet (Included in download)

- Metamorphic Rocks Information Sheet (Members only)

- Metamorphic Rock Food Experiment (Members only)

- Types of Rocks Booklet (Members only)

- Rocks Sorting Activity (Members only)

Download Here:

French Grade 4 Sample Science Lesson Plan (1)
Download PDF • 17.15MB

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Want Access to Everything in the Rocks & Minerals Unit?

- Rocks and Minerals Shared Reading

- Rocks and Minerals Questions & Answers

- Rocks and Minerals Video

- KWL Chart

- Minerals Shared Reading

- Minerals Questions & Answers

- Hardness Text

- Hardness Experiment

- Hardness Flip Book

- Colour Text

- Colour Experiment

- Colour Flip Book

- Luster Text

- Luster Experiment

- Luster Flip Book

- Special Properties Text

- Special Properties Experiment

- Special Properties Flip Book

- Grow Your Own Crystal Experiment

- Lab Report Sheet

- Mineral Video

- Properties of Minerals Jeopardy

*Day 9-12 (Partial Freebie)

- Rocks Shared Reading

- Rocks Question & Answers

- Igneous Rocks Information Sheet Members Only

- Igneous Rock Food Experiment Members Only

- Types of Rocks Booklet Members Only

- Sedimentary Rocks Information Sheet

- Sedimentary Rock Food Experiment

- Types of Rocks Booklet

- Metamorphic Rocks Information Sheet Members Only

- Metamorphic Rock Food Experiment Members Only

- Types of Rocks Booklet Members Only

- Rocks Sorting Activity Members Only

- Rock Cycle Text

- Rock Cycle Video

- Rock Cycle Song

- Rock Cycle Song Task (Groups)

- Rock Cycle Song Performance

- Rocks and Minerals Review

- Classroom Transformation RACE style

- Rock Classification

- Rock Types Explanation

- Minerals Text and Questions

- Rock Cycle

- Secret Rock Description

- Rocks and Minerals Assessment

- Everyday Uses of Rocks and Minerals Game

- Everyday Uses Video

- Everyday Uses (Costs and Benefits) Projects

- Rubric Included

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French Rocks & Minerals Lesson Plan

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