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Unlocking Global Connections: Free French Social Studies Activity on Canada's Global Interactions

canada and the global community pdf

I've always dreaded teaching social studies. I've purchased many units, and still had a hard time wanting to teach it or even understand the complicated lesson plans. That's why I decided to create my own. I wanted a way to teach social studies while also making it fun for students (and easy for teachers to follow along). Here is an example of a lesson found in my Grade 6 French Canada's Interactions with the Global Community Social Studies Unit.

Please note that the downloadable lesson is at the bottom of this post!

Step 1: It's time to explore how the canadian government interacts with other nations of the world. Each day, you will explore a different interaction. We will start with the trade agreement. Start off by reading the text and having students copy down important information (whatever has been underlined) in their booklets.

Le canada dans la communauté mondiale pdf

Step 2: Watch the following video on trades.

Step 3: Take a look at the map of trades with students (you have to scroll and click the map tab on the website). Explore the different trade systems.

Canada's interactions with the global community example

Step 4: Have students colour in their flip book page of the trade agreements between Canada and North & South America (most of the countries will be coloured in, but not all). Use the website above to help them fill it out.

French trade system activity

Step 5: Now it's time to play the interactive trade game with students.


- Paper Lunch Bags (one per student)

- 2 items that FIT in the lunch bag per student to trade (you can get students to bring items from home, that they will be trading or buy them yourself - they should be new items or close to new with a value of about $1 each - I have added a letter to parents in case you are asking for students to bring their own items)

- Pencil for each student

- Satisfaction Score Cards (one per round per student - available below - students will be able to add them to their trade books at the end)

- Satisfaction Score Chart (see below)


1) Students will hand in their two items. Place 2 items at random in each bag. Students don’t get to keep the items they brought from home.

2) Place students in groups of 4 or 5 at random. Hand each student a bag, without letting them look inside.

3) Hand each student their round 1 score card.

Canada's trade system for students

4) Once everyone has their bag and score card, explain to students that their bag is THEIR property. Tell students that they will 2 minutes for students to observe and rate their items. Ask students to rate their items on how much they like them on their score card. If they hate

their item, don’t think anyone in their family would like it, and it really isn’t for them, they can give their item a 0. If they think their item is really cool, and they really like it, they may rate it a 4 or 5.

5) Tell students that that was round 1. Now, they are going to get to round 2: Restricted Trade (échange contrôlé) . For this round, everyone in THEIR group (and only their group) is their trading partners. When you say go, students can trade items with ANYONE in their group (and only their group). They don’t have to trade any items if they don’t want to, but can trade as many times as they want. Ready, set, trade! (Allow 4 minutes for students to trade).

restricted trade example

6)Now, hand students their round 2 score cards. Allow them to once again rate their items. Now, it’s possible that a student ends up with 3 items (if they are clever at trading). Tell those to only rate their top 2 items.

Les échanges commerciaux pour élèves

7) Round 2 is now done and we are entering round 3 (free trade/échange libre). Now, students can trade with anybody in the class. There are no rules to the trading. Ready, set,trade! (Allow 6 minutes for students to trade)

Free Trade Example

8) Hand students their round 3 score cards. Allow them to rate their top 2 items.

Jeux d'échanges commerciaux pdf

9) Now, ask students to raise their hand if they are happier now than when they started the game. See how many hands go up.

10) Using your satisfaction score chart, tally up the satisfaction score from each round. Write the total satisfaction scores.

Jeu d'échanges commerciaux 6e

11) What should happen is that you see the satisfaction score goup as the rounds go. This helps student understand that free trade keeps people happier than no trade or restricted trade. Have a discussion with students about what they learned.

Here is your Free Content on French Grade 6 Canada's Interactions with the Global Community Plans - PDFs

Day 3&4 - International Trade

• Shared Reading: La francophonie

• Questions & Answers: La francophonie

• Video & Website: La francophonie

• International Trade Systems: Text

• International Trade Systems: International Trade

• International Trade Systems: Mini Booklets

• International Trade Systems: Video

• International Trade Systems: Mapping

• International Trade Systems: Hands-On Activity

Download Here:

Global Communities Sample
Download PDF • 8.15MB

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• Title Page

• Shared Reading: WWF - Canada

• Questions & Answers: WWF - Canada

• Video: WWF - Canada

• What I know, What I wonder, What I want to know Activity

Day 3&4 - International Trade (FREEBIE DOWNLOAD ABOVE)

• Shared Reading: La francophonie

• Questions & Answers: La francophonie

• Video & Website: La francophonie

• International Trade Systems: Text

• International Trade Systems: International Trade

• International Trade Systems: Mini Booklets

• International Trade Systems: Video

• International Trade Systems: Mapping

• International Trade Systems: Hands-On Activity

• Shared Reading: United Nations

Questions & Answers: Videos

• Military Alliances: Text

• Military Alliances: Mini Booklets

• Military Alliances: Mapping

• Military Alliances: Video

• Military Alliances: Latitude and Longitude Coordinates

• Military Alliances: Canada’s aid to Ukraine

• Shared Reading: The Stephen Lewis Foundation

• Environmental Accords: Text

• Environmental Accords: Mini Booklets

• Environmental Accords: Videos

• Environmental Accords: Global Warming Mapping

• Environmental Accords: Hands-On Activity

• Doctor’s Without Borders: Video

• Shared Reading: Doctor’s Without Borders

• Doctor’s Without Borders: WebSite

• Doctor’s Without Borders: Class Letter

• Doctor’s Without Borders: Posters

• Doctor’s Without Borders: Announcements

• Set Up Instructions & Stations Including:

  • Activity 1: Covid-19

  • Activity 2: Invasive Species

  • Activity 3: Canada’s Aid Fund

  • Activity 4: Canada’s Part in Reducing Global Warming

  • Activity 5: Overfishing

  • Step by Step Instructions (Day by Day)

  • Topic Choice

  • Group: Creating & Choosing a Question

  • Finding Pictures/Videos

  • Mapping

  • Problem & Introduction

  • Where their issue is happening

  • What the specific problem is

  • Why it’s a problem

  • How Canada is helping this problem, and if it’s working

  • What more we could do to help?

  • Why others should help their cause?

  • What can they do to help?

  • Presentations

  • Rubric

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canada's interaction with the global community pdf


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