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Unveiling the World of French Comic Strips: A Guide for Grades 4-6

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Bienvenue, young readers and educators! In the colourful realm of language and culture, the world of French comic strips offers a delightful journey of exploration and learning. As we embark on this adventure, we will uncover the fascinating universe of French comic strips and discover how they can become a captivating tool for teaching and learning for students in grades 4-6.

Please note that the downloadable lesson is at the bottom of this post!

I like to start off my comic strip unit in stations. I have 3 stations and students remain at each station for about 20 minutes.

Station 1: Comic Strip Information & Note Taking

Have students read up on the slides that I have made and take notes (on the following two pages) on the questions asked and jot down any other questions they may have about comic strips.

French Comic Strip Writing Unit PDF

Station 2: Comic Strip/Book Exploration

If you have comic books, great! If not, go ahead to your school library or public library and take out as many comic books as you see fit. I usually try to take out mostly French ones, but I do bring a few English books as well. I also recommend finding comic strips from newspapers, magazines, online, etc., and printing those out as well for students to see since this is what they will be doing.

Station 3: Comic Strip Creation

Print a few copies of the instructions and the example provided (a few slides down) for this station. Have students observe and read the comic strip. Add blank comic strip cards and have students create a quick comic strip on their own (no they won’t be done right, and that’s OK). It’s just for fun for now.

French Comic Strip Writing Unit Printables

Here is your Free Content on French Grade 4-6 Comic Strip Writing Lesson Plans - PDFs

Day 1: Comic Strip Centres

  • Centre 1: Comic Strip Slideshow and Notes

  • Centre 2: Comic Strip/Book Exploration

  • Centre 3: Comic Strip Creation

Download Here:

Comic Strip Sample Unit
Download PDF • 5.88MB

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Want Access to Everything in the French Comic Strip Writing Unit for Grades 4-6 ?

Day 1: Comic Centres (Downloadable Above)

- Centre 1: Comic Strip Slideshow and Notes

- Centre 2: Comic Strip/Book Exploration

- Centre 3: Comic Strip Creation

Day 2: Comic Sharing (Members Only)

- Comic Slideshow Review

- Class Discussion: Differences between comic strips/books

- Comic Strip Sharing

Day 3: Comic Shared Reading (Members Only)

- Onomatopoeia Text Exploration

- Instructions

- Questions

- Answers

Day 4: Parts of Comic Strips: Panels (Members Only)

- Panels First Look Worksheet

- Panels Information Sheet

- Panels Video

- Panels Second Read

- Panels Scavenger Hunt

Day 5: Parts of Comic Strips: Bubbles (Members Only)

- Bubbles First Look Worksheet

- Bubbles Information Sheet

- Bubbles Video

- Bubbles Second Read

- Bubbles Scavenger Hunt

Day 6: Parts of Comic Strips: Onomatopoeia (Members Only)

- Onomatopoeia First Look Worksheet

- Onomatopoeia Information Sheet

- Onomatopoeia Video

- Onomatopoeia Second Read

- Onomatopoeia Scavenger Hunt

Day 7: Parts of Comic Strips: Characters (Members Only)

- Characters First Look Worksheet

- Characters Information Sheet

- Characters Video

- My First Character Worksheet

Day 8: Comic Expectations (Members Only)

- Differences between comic strips/books

- Comic Strip Expectations/Success criteria

Day 9 : Comic Strip Characters (Members Only)

- Model Comic Character

- Character creation worksheets

Day 10: Comic Strip Setting & Story (Members Only)

- Model Comic Setting & Story

- Comic Setting & Story Worksheet

Day 11&12: Comic Strip Rough Draft (Members Only)

- Model Comic Strip Rough Draft

- Comic Rough Draft Worksheet

Day 13: Comic Strip Revision (Members Only)

- Model Comic Strip Revision

- Mini Revision Rubrics

Day 14&15 : Comic Strip Good Copy (Members Only)

- Comic Strip Good Copy

- Comic Strip Sharing

- Rubric Included

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French Comic Strip Writing Units Worksheets


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