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Never plan a lesson again

Curriculum for grade 4-6 French Immersion Teachers that want FREE time!


Membership includes full access to all of our Grade 4-6 French Immersion Resources.​

We provide everything you need to teach your French Immersion Students.

No Text Books OR Translating Required!

Includes curriculum for: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Drama, Holidays & MORE!



Hey Grade 4,5&6 French Immersion Teachers!

What if....

I offered to grant you immediate access to an all-inclusive, engaging French Immersion Membership designed specifically for your students, straight away...

... a membership that is not only budget-friendly but also enriches your students' learning experience...

...and includes comprehensive, easy-to-follow lesson plans that ease your workload...

...all WITHOUT the headache of translating resources yourself...

...Would you take me up on that offer?

This is exactly why we created the



I am a french immersion teachers who created a community for french immersion teachers! 

Let me be your wing person!Because you are more than a teacher, you're a wife, husband, mom, dad, daughter, son, etc. Let me lighten your load with free lesson plans for the first week of school!

I help eliminate your work load! No More countless hours of lesson planning

I love creating French content for Junior teachers. I know how to get French Immersion students engaged, and how to make your life easier!

tired of spending hours translating english resources, or creating your own french ones!

Not anymore!

I give you everything you need for your French Immersion Class!

Daily Lesson Plans Include


Lesson Plans

Every day comes with lesson plans fully aligned with Ontario Curriculum Expectations. No more creating any plans!

Christmas Decorations


Get a variety of holiday activities, which include but are not limited to: Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter & More!

Soothing Bell

Morning Work

Every day plan includes a daily quick right for students to enjoy, as well as monthly mini sentence structure/ grammar lessons to go with their quick writes.


Hands-On Activities

Each day is filled with hands on activities in order to keep students engaged in their learning.



Each month contains a variety of subjects, which include:

 Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Sciences, Visual Arts & Drama! Assessments & Rubrics included for each subject.

Love the World

Individual Resources

You won't only have access to day plans, you will also have access to each individual resource for grades 4-6.  Each individual resource comes with lesson plans/instructions.


"I’m grateful for your comments on how you do things in your plans. It’s like a friend having a conversation and saying what worked best for her. I look forward to this packet. Thank you! I know grade 6 will be easier with you as my wing person."


"I thought it was important to let you know how useful your ressources were for me this school year. I took a grade 5/6 French immersion job. It was the most challenging school year of my career! Your lesson plans and printables were engaging to my students. Being able to carry out the biodiversity unit was fun and stress-free! My students loved it! I also very much appreciated having a Father’s Day activity ready to go and the end of year gift was much more meaningful as I won’t be seeing my students again and hope they do stay in contact by writing to me.

Leanne K.

“I will be switching grades next year from FDK to Grade 5. When I saw this, there was no doubt in my mind that this would be a HUGE help as I transition to a new grade. As I look through the Sept. activities and daily lesson plans provided so far, I am so happy that I invested in this growing bundle! I just know it will save me a ton of time in planning and can't wait to use it with my kiddos come Sept. Merci mille fois!!”


Tell me more about is a membership community with full curriculum for your Grade 4-6 French Immersion classes which inclues Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Drama & More. You will also get access to a members only Facebook groups where you can ask questions or share thoughts, ideas, frustrations, etc.

I'm in! When will I get access to the materials? Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your log in info. We then ask that you watch the welcome video and you will be all set to access whichever resource you would like!

Will there be new materials added? Yes, I am always creating and adding new resources for you to enjoy.

Membership info

monthly Membership

$10cad/month -


 Priced for teachers!


  • Grade 5&6 Linked to Ontario Curriculum Expectations

  • Grade 5&6 Lesson Plans for Each Day of the Year

  • Grade 4, 5&6 Science

  • Grade 5&6 Social Studies 

  • Grade 4,5&6 Writing 

  • Grade 4,5&6 Reading Units 

  • Grade 4,5&6 Listening&Speaking Activities

  • Grade 4,5&6 Visual Arts Units 

  • Grade 4,5&6 Drama Units

  • Instructions included for individual units

  • Assessments with Rubrics

  • Morning Work

  • Classroom Transformations

  • Engaging Activities

  • Exclusive Facebook Group


"As someone who's used Brigitte's resources for years, having access to everything in one place is amazing! Day plans have also been a life saviour figuring out where to start! Also, yearly membership is an amazing deal, so totally worth it!"


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all of your hard work in creating such amazing units and activities. You saved me more than once this year!

I was a primary FI teacher for a long time and last year, I made the jump to Grade 5.  It wasn't easy!  I spent a fortune in August on bundles and activities that I thought would be helpful, and I didn't wind up using most of them because they were too difficult, filled with mistakes, not engaging or most embarrassing of all, I didn't know what on earth to do with them.  When I found your store late in the fall, I took a chance and bought my first Science Unit (Le corps).  As I read it, I remember feeling relieved.  There were instructions (hooray!!), the texts and activities were appropriate for French Immersion students and best of all, I didn’t have to change a thing!  It was nice to just go and make a stack of photocopies and gather materials for experiments.  Since then, I’ve purchased several of your resources and I’ve used them all from start to finish.  They are ALWAYS fantastic and the kids love them!  It feels wonderful to know that I already have a plan for my year and can enjoy the summer :)

Anyway, I just wanted to send you a little message to let you know how grateful I am.  Un gros merci du fond de mon coeur!

Mademoiselle S.

"I love MissFrenchImmersion's resources. They are very detailed and easy to follow. This was a huge help as I was navigating planning for a split grade for the first time. Merci!"
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