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Building a Strong French Classroom Community with this Engaging Activity

Free French Classroom Community Activity

Creating a strong sense of community in the classroom is essential for fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. This activity can help promote a sense of community among students. This activity not only encourages being kind and tolerant of one another but also provides opportunities for students to practice their French language skills in a supportive setting. By implementing this activity, teachers can create a classroom community where students feel valued, supported, and motivated to succeed.

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Step 1: Hand a heart sheet to each student. Tell them that you want them to colour it in with things that are meaningful to them, and to take their time to accomplish it well. Then, have them cut it out.

Classroom Community Activity PDF

Step 2: Have students stand in a circle, holding up their heart that they created. Ask them about their heart. It is beautiful and perfect. Tell them to imagine this heart as their own heart (which it is since they worked so hard on it). Now, have students hand their heart to the student on their right. Tell the students to say mean things about the heart. Then, instruct them to crumple it up into a tiny ball, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Students may have different reactions to this. Some may laugh, some may be upset because their perfect heart isn't perfect anymore.

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Step 3: Tell students to pick up the heart they just damaged, and apologize to their friend, and also to the heart they damaged. Tell them to de-wrinkle the heart and try to smooth it back out to its perfect shape.

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Step 4: Have students hand the heart back over to the original owner and have them hold it up. Does it look as good as it used to? Did the person they handed it to care for their heart? How do they feel about what the person did to their heart?

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Step 5: Now, explain to students that every time someone talks behind someone else's back, makes rude comments on social media, says negative things to someone, bullies them, etc., they are responsible for adding a crinkle to their heart. Even if someone apologizes later, that crinkle stays in the heart. It may become less crinkled with time, but nonetheless it remains crinkled. Once you say something, you can't take it back. Scars last a lifetime. Take some time to talk about how we are responsible for our actions and feelings.

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Step 6: Have students glue their hearts on a black card stock and have them on display, as a reminder that our words matter.

Classroom Community Activity for Middle School

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Activity #4

•Crumbled Heart Activity

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FREE Classroom Community Activity
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