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Engage Your Students with this Exciting French Back to School Activity

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

French Back to School Activities

Are you looking for fun and interactive way to engage your students in their French language learning journey? Look no further! Introducing an exciting French back to school activity that will not only entertain your students but also enhance their language skills. This game is specially designed to come back into a French setting a breeze, combining education with entertainment. Plus, it can be played over and over again throughout the year!

Please note that the downloadable lesson is at the bottom of this post!

Step 1: Hand each student a lined page & the directions Sheet.

French First Week of School Activities

Step 2: Tell students to write their names and 3 interview questions on their lined page. They can use the question samples as inspiration.

Engaging activities for back to school!

Step 3: Students will then crumple up their page (like a snowball). They think this is hilarious.

No Prep Back to School Activities

Step 4: Have half the students stand on one side of your class against the wall. Have the other half on the other side also against the wall.

Back to School Engaging Activities

Step 5: On the count of three, students will throw their paper (like a snowball) across the room.

French Back to School Fun Ice Breaker

Step 6: Students will then find a paper from the floor, read the name and find the student who wrote the question. They will ask them 1 of the interview questions and the student will answer. Then, they will hand their page back to them.

Step 7: Repeat the activity over and over again!

Here is your Free Content on French Back to School Activity - PDF

Activity #4

•Interactive Interview Questions

Download Here:

French Snowball Game (2)
Download PDF • 3.99MB

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- As tu hâte pour la 4e année? Pourquoi ou pourquoi pas? (this is also available for Grade 3,5&6)

- Est-ce que tu préfères travailler seul(e) ou en groupe? Pourquoi?

- Quel est ton sujet préféré? Pourquoi?

- Mes vacances: Pendant mes vacances d'été...

- Art activity (Great bulletin board year start up)

Activity 4: Snowball Introduction (Freebie download above)

- Interactive Interview Questions

- Ça fait ____ ans que ton enseignant enseigne?

- Quel est le sujet préféré de ton enseignant?

- Si ton enseignant n'était pas un enseignant, quel emploi aurait-il?

- Qu'est-ce que ton enseignant fait pour s'amuser lorsqu'il n'est pas à l'école?

- Si ton enseigant pouvait voyager n'importe où au monde, où irait-il?


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French Back to School Engaging Lessons


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