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Four Christmas Party Activity Ideas for the Classroom

Christmas is fast approaching, and what better way to send kids off than with a Christmas Party! I already talked about my Christmas Gift Idea for Students, but this is the other gift I like to give them, a super awesome day before the holidays! These activities were tested in my junior (middle school) classroom, and the kids had an absolute blast! Check out these Christmas Party Activity Ideas below!

Christmas Classroom Party Activity Ideas - Christmas Cards

Activity #1: cotton ball Snowball fight

This Christmas Party Classroom Activity is so fun and easy to do. Here's how:


- Lots of cotton balls (2 full bags)

- Masking Tape


Move all of your desks out of the way, then place a line of masking tape going across the classroom in the center. Split the class into 2 teams. Tell them that they will be having a snowball fight. The goal is to get all the cotton balls on the other side of the classroom. Spread the cotton balls everywhere and allow them to battle it out in this cotton ball snowball fight. Once a team has one, play again! PS, we have so much fun with this one that I always forget to take pictures.

Activity #2: Marshmellow snowball launcher

I have to say that this Christmas Activity is a top hit for older students.

Christmas Classroom Party Activity Ideas - Snowball Shooters


- Balloons

- Plastic cups

- Marshmallows

- Target (I like to add points to my targets)

- Goggles

- Directions


Have students build their own snowball launchers. I usually place all the items in a Ziploc bag (1 balloon, 1 plastic cup, 1 target, 10 marshmallows & directions). Students can then work in groups to build their snowball launchers and hit the target. I like to have them wearing goggles for extra protection against flying marshmallows.

1) Cut the bottom of your cup with scissors.

Christmas Classroom Party Activity Ideas - Creating Snowball Shooters

2) Tie a knot at the end of your balloon (without blowing it up) and cut the other end of the balloon.

Christmas Classroom Party Activity Ideas - Creating Snowball Shooters

3) Stretch the balloon around the top of your cup. You may need a second person to help you.

Christmas Classroom Party Activity Ideas - Creating Snowball Shooters

4) Place your mini snowballs in the cup and make them fly onto your target.

Activity #3: No prep classroom Christmas activities

Christmas Classroom Party Activity Ideas - French No Prep Christmas Party Activities

Let your students enjoy their time with their friends by allowing them to do these FRENCH no-prep Christmas-themed activities. Students will love getting to sit with their friends and complete these Activités variées de Noël while enjoying getting in the holiday spirit.

Here's what you'll get with this pack - Noël: Activités variées:

♦NO PREP Activity

♦Set of 2 colour by code Christmas pages (Multiplication)

♦Set of 4 Christmas Writing Prompts

♦Set 1 Christmas Art Selfie Drawing

♦Set of 1 Christmas 4-digit Addition page


Prefer to shop on TPT - no problem, find them here!

Activity #4: classroom Christmas cards

Have your students make Christmas cards for each other or their families. What better Christmas Party Activity than having them do a bit of art and writing, all while possibly sipping on a warm hot chocolate?

Christmas Classroom Party Activity Ideas - Creating Christmas Cards


- Cardstock

- Brown Paint

- Black Markers

- Red markers

- Brown Markers

- Green Markers

See the image above? It's quite simple. Fold the cardstock in two. Students use their fingerprints to make the members of their family (or their friends) and then add on the rest of their reindeer using markers. They can then write "Merry Christmas" and a kind message inside.

I hope that these Christmas Party Activity Ideas help you have a memorable day before the holidays!

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