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Four New Year Activities for Students in the French Classroom

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Free French New Year's Classroom Ideas

Welcome to my blog post on New Year classroom activities! As the year comes to a close, it's important to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the new one. These activities are designed to help students reflect on the past year and set goals for the future. I hope these ideas will inspire you to celebrate the New Year with your students in a fun and meaningful way. So let's get started!

Activity #1: Rules: New Year's Classroom Rules review

I like to treat January a bit like September. The kids were gone for two weeks. That’s a long time. It’s important to review rules and expectations before being able to get to full-on learning again. I start by watching this video with students.

New Year's Rules Review for the Classroom

After watching the video, I begin by writing "Un bon élève" (a good student) in the center of a chart paper and surrounding it with a rectangle. I then divide the rest of the chart paper into four sections, each with a heading of "est," "peut," "dit," or "n'est pas." The students participate by stating "Un bon élève est..." and I write their responses on colored sticky notes, placing them in the appropriate section. This activity serves as a review of the classroom rules and helps remind the students of what is expected of them in my classroom. I often ask the students why they think we did this activity to reinforce its purpose.

It is a great activity to start off the New Year - before getting back into the full swing of things.

Activity #2: Teamwork: New Year's and close relationships

New Year's Teamwork Activity

Next, I facilitate a group activity to remind students that we work as a team in this class. The lesson is based on the close relationships we create, so it's important to review that concept with students.

To do this, I place a bed sheet on the floor and have students stand on it (in their socks). Then, I give them the challenge of flipping the sheet completely over without touching the floor. This requires excellent communication and teamwork. I allow them 15 minutes to complete the task.

If necessary, I may divide the group into two and place each group on a separate sheet. The only other rule is that they must speak French or they get a 30-second time out. I observe the activity without interfering, unless necessary.

After the activity, we discuss what worked and didn't work, and how it felt to work together as a team. We also reflect on any leadership roles that emerged during the challenge.

Activity #3: Speaking: New Year's Resolution
New Year's Resolution Discussion with Students

After Christmas break, I like to have a discussion with students about their experiences during the break. We talk about what they did, their favourite and least favourite parts, and how they feel about returning to school. We also talk about New Year's Eve and any traditions they have surrounding it. I introduce the concept of New Year's resolutions and ask if they have any. I let them know that they will be writing about a New Year's resolution a little bit later and encourage them to think of one.

Activity #4 : Writing: French New Year Classroom Writing Activities

French New Year's Writing Activities for Students

The French New Year Activity pack is designed to help your students celebrate the start of a new year and practice their French writing skills at the same time.

Inside, you'll find a variety of writing prompts and activities that are specifically tailored for the 2024 New Year. Your students can reflect on the past year, set goals for the future, and even write their own resolutions in French.

These activities are perfect for use in the classroom, or as a fun way to celebrate the New Year at home. They're suitable for a range of age levels and language abilities, so you can use them with students of all skill levels.

Here's what you'll get with this pack - Nouvel an: Activités d'écriture

  • NO PREP Activities

  • 3 writing activities: New Year 2024 Writing Booklet, Winter Break Writing Prompt (Pendant mes vacances d'hiver, j'ai...) & Classroom Display Writing Activity (Mon souhait pour la nouvelle année est..)

  • Colour&Black+White Options

  • Printables

Here is your Free Content on French New Year's Activities - PDFs

French No Prep New Year's Activities

• French New Year Classroom Display

Download Here:

French New Year Sample
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French New Year's PDF

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