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Unlocking the Power of Poetry: A Step-by-Step Lesson Plan for Grades 4-6 French Immersion

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

French Poetry Writing For Kids

Poetry is a beautiful and powerful art form that often goes under-appreciated in modern education. However, unlocking the power of poetry can be a great way to help children develop their creativity, critical thinking skills, and language abilities. If you're a teacher looking to introduce your students to the magic of poetry, then you've come to the right place. In this lesson plan designed for grades 4-6, we will take you through a step-by-step lesson on how to help your students understand and appreciate poetry, all in French!

Please note that the downloadable lesson is at the bottom of this post!

I like to start off my poetry unit in stations. I have 3 stations and students

remain at each station for about 20 minutes.

Station 1: Poetry Information & Note Taking

Have students read up on the slides that I have made and take notes on the questions asked and jot down any other questions they may have about poetry.

Poetry Unit for French Immersion Students

Engaging Poetry Centers

Station 2: Poetry Book Exploration

If you have poetry books, great! If not, go ahead to your school library or public library and take out as many poetry books as you see fit. I usually try to take out mostly French ones, but I do bring a few English books as well.

Station 3: Blackout Poetry

Print a few copies of the instructions and example provided for this station. Have students observe and read it. Collect newspapers, magazines, or even print articles online. Place black

Sharpies at the station. Allow students to explore creating blackout poetry. Tell them to keep their favourite for sharing.

Black out Poetry Lesson

Here is your Free Content on French Grade 4-6 Poetry Writing Lesson Plans - PDFs

Day 1: Poetry Centres

  • Centre 1: Poetry Slideshow and Notes

  • Centre 2: Poetry Book Exploration

  • Centre 3: Blackout Poetry Writing

Download Here:

French Sample Writing Unit
Download PDF • 7.92MB

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Want Access to Everything in the French Poetry Writing Unit for Grades 4-6 ?

Day 1: Poetry Centre (Download above)

- Centre 1: Poetry Slideshow and Notes

- Centre 2: Poetry Book Exploration

- Centre 3: Blackout Poetry Writing

- Poetry Slideshow Review

- Class Discussion: Favourite Type of Poem

- Blackout Poetry Sharing

- Poetry Text Exploration

- Instructions

- Personification First Read Worksheet

- Personification Song

- Personification Information Sheet

- Personification Second Read

- Personification Scavenger Hunt

- Simile First Read Worksheet

- Simile Poem

- Simile Information Sheet

- Simile Second Read

- Simile Scavenger Hunt

- Metaphor First Read Worksheet

- Metaphor Poem

- Metaphor Information Sheet

- Metaphor Second Read

- Metaphor Scavenger Hunt

- Hyperbole First Read Worksheet

- Hyperbole Poem

- Hyperbole Information Sheet

- Hyperbole Second Read

- Hyperbole Scavenger Hunt

- Poetry Writing Exploration

- Slam Poetry Poem

- Slam Poetry Information Sheet

- Slam Poetry Videos

- Slam Poetry Expectations

- Slam Poetry Ideas

- Slam Poetry Rough Draft

- Slam Poetry Review

- Mini Rubrics

- Slam Poetry Published Work

- Slam Poetry Writing Rubrics

- Slam Poetry Speaking Practice

- Slam Poetry Speaking Expectations

- Slam Poetry Presentations

- Slam Poetry Speaking Rubrics

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Types of Poetry Lesson Plans

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